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Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park, 2018

A man alone in Rocky Mountain National Park throwing a rock straight up into the air.

The vast expanse of the Rocky Mountains is accentuated by the crisp air and elevated serenity in September. Barely any snow lingers on the trails; flora and fauna are out and about.

  • Nature photography
  • Travel photography
  • Sony a7
  • Adobe Lightroom

September 2018

Man in the foreground out of focus looking at the camera with moose grazing behind him.

A white and grey bird sits atop a branch of a pine tree.

A view through the branches of a tree to see moose grazing.

A man wearing an orange sweater takes a photo of a bird eating seeds out of his hand.

A fox sleeping in a clearing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

A man wearing an orange sweater walking down a forest path, away from the camera.

Closeup of the flora on the ground at Rocky Mountain National Park.

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