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Other Designs
A visualization of data regarding San Diego Airbnbs.Data management and visualizations
Projects from a data management and visualization course taken in the Fall of 2021. Skills learned include data cleaning, table relationships, Excel lookups, and Tableau visualization.
A woman wearing headphones holding an iPhone with a fitness application open.Fitness App Motion Design
An exploratory project into motion design / animation, learning Adobe After Effects through the lens of designing delightful digital experiences.
A low-poly 3D rendering of three musical instrument robots in an overgrown post-apocalyptic city.3d animated music video
Ever wonder how a radio produces sound? Featuring original music by Ted Dumont, this 3D animated music video hopes to answer that question in a noisy way.
A phone displaying the homescreen for the RaceTrac mobile application.Racetrac Mobile App
As a team of three, conducted target market research, a brand refresh, and produced print, web, and mobile experiences for customers to pay their bills and check account status.
A magazine mockup open to a spread of the first two pages of the "stop the urbanity" article.stop the urbanity: an article
"stop the urbanity: the marriage of architecture and typography" is a self-edited blend of two articles, bringing a deeper perspective into the relationship between human emotions and the urban environment in which we reside.
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